Meet the women behind your new period bestie.


Where we came from:

Nadine Kennedy suffered from intolerable menstrual cramps her entire life, but once she decided to try an ointment that her mother, Lina Kennedy, developed for temporary muscle pain relief, everything changed. Nadine took the original recipe, reformulated it specifically for period relief, and created a brand new solution to painful periods everywhere: Comforté.

What we stand for:

Periods suck. Between bloating, cramps, mood swings, and the dreaded panty graveyard, we deal with enough during our cycle. We spend an average of 450 weeks of our lives relying on drugs, hormones, and chemicals just to find some sort of relief. But is it really a relief if you need to trade your body’s health in exchange? We don’t think so–which is why we made Comforté.

At Comforté we believe that we deserve more options when it comes to menstrual health, and that the time has come for another solution to our pain. All natural and all for periods, everywhere. No matter how painful your cramps get, we’ve got you–because natural and effective pain relief has finally joined the conversation.

Finally, a drug-free period pain solution that actually works

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