How To Use

Comforté® relieves mild to severe period pain, cramps, and discomfort.

Remedies for menstrual pain and PMS cramps should work fast. So why put up with pain and discomfort in your abdomen, lower back, shoulders or breasts when you can get rapid relief?

We created Comforté® as a natural menstrual cramp relief topical cream that’s easy to use and smells fantastic. We drew from natural substances like Calotropis Procera and Carapa Procera to reduce pain and inflammation. We think that you’ll rejoice in our stress-reducing approach to a naturally pain-free period.

Achieve Natural PMS Relief

Comforté® provides temporary PMS cramp relief so that you don’t need to focus on how uncomfortable you are in the days leading up to the start of your period. Achieving natural PMS relief is as easy as massaging a dab of our cream onto all of the places on your body that are telling you that your period is about to arrive. Listen to your body and reapply Comforté® as often as every two to three hours if needed to stay comfortable.


Comforté®: All Natural Period Pain Relief Cream

Fast Menstrual Pain Relief

Unlike pills and medicated sprays and rubs, Comforté® is a topical cream with a pleasing, natural scent. For best results we suggest that you begin using the cream a day or so before you expect your monthly cycle is expected to start. Massage a small amount of cream topically from ovary to ovary and across the areas of your body that regularly hurt during your period. Massage across your abdomen for a few minutes to really penetrate and begin the magic of experiencing relief from your menstrual and pms cramps.


Best if applied by massaging across abdomen, lower back and breast or anywhere you may experience or feel discomfort. Get a head start in combating the pains that accompany your period. Comforté® provides a powerful way to limit looming menstrual pain and discomfort.


We all know that no two periods are the same. You might experience everything from some minor cramps to severe menstrual cramps through the months. Rest assured that no matter how mild or crushingly severe your symptoms, Comforté® offers immediate relief to your pain.

Since Comforté® doesn’t contain dangerous medicines and won’t upset your stomach as many oral substances are prone to do, you can use it to help calm the swollen and sore spots on your body as often as every two to three hours.


At the first twinge or onset of cramping begin to massage your Comforté® cream on any areas of discomfort and reapply every 1 to 3 hours or as needed.


Begin massaging Comforté® cream on the areas of discomfort a day prior to the onset then reapply every 2 to 3 hours or as needed.


Massage your Comforté® cream across areas of discomfort 1 to 2 days prior to your cycle. Reapply every 2 hours on intense discomfort areas.


Simply apply a nickel sized drop of Comforté® to your palm and begin rubbing it into sore and swollen areas to relive symptoms of monthly feminine discomfort. You can feel relief and relaxation flowing directly from your fingers to the area of discomfort. And your body chemistry is unaffected.


Internal drugs like Midol rely on diuretics, caffeine and the anti-inflammatory Acetaminophen to relive period symptoms. Tylenol Extra Strength simply has Acetaminophen. First, you have to wait for them to work and no one likes to wait when they have cramping from their period. Second, do we really need more caffeine in our systems? Lastly, diuretics have been linked to an increase in serum cholesterol which could lead to coronary artery disease, a leading killer of women.

Ready to Experience Comforté®?

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