Finally… a natural solution to relieve menstrual cramps!

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Natural remedies for PMS pain and menstrual cramps have been almost unheard of… until now


Are you tired of putting drugs in your body like anti-inflammatory, diuretics and caffeine? The truth of the matter is not everyone is comfortable with drugs. Internal drugs like Midol rely on diuretics, caffeine and the anti-inflammatory Acetaminophen to relieve period symptoms. Tylenol Extra Strength simply has Acetaminophen. So what are the problems you face with these drugs?

First, you have to wait for them to work and let’s be honest, no one likes to wait when they have cramping from their period. Second, do we really need more caffeine in our systems? And lastly, diuretics have been linked to an increase in serum cholesterol which could lead to coronary artery disease, a leading killer of women.

Natural remedies for monthly feminine discomfort don’t “invade” a woman’s body. They compliment, caress, and comfort a woman through her own bodily processes. Remedies to monthly feminine discomfort like Comforté® Natural Menstrual Relief Cream are best suited for women who:

  • are allergic to acetaminophen or caffeine
  • cannot or will not ingest pills
  • must avoid certain medications because of past addictions
  • are looking for natural remedies for their monthly feminine discomfort

Choose the Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief Cream

When it comes to choosing a pain-relieving cream, it’s essential that you check out the ingredients in any product before you make a purchase. Too many topical creams contain substances that may contribute to things like congenital disabilities, cancer, and reproductive problems. You avoid putting these dangerous substances onto your body when you buy Comforté® since we use natural ingredients in our menstrual pain relief cream.

comforté | period cramps relief | PMS pain relief | Menstrual Cramps Relief



Comforté® combines healing and skin loving natural ingredients:

  • Calotropis Procera – Temporarily relieves monthly feminine discomfort.
  • Carapa Procera – Helps reduce swelling and bloating.
  • Natural Essence of Menthol – Generates soothing cool to penetrate the skin and muscles. Also works as a carrier for the natural plant extracts.
  • 100% Raw Shea Butter – Base formula of Comforté® – promotes skin hydration.
  • Soybean Oil – High in Vitamin E to nourish and protect the skin.
  • Sandalwood Oil – Gives Comforté® its unique woodsy scent.

Why Comforté® for your menstrual cramps relief?

A natural solution to menstrual pain

Comforté® has a selection of natural ingredients that effectively and quickly diminish extremely painful periods, severe menstrual cramps, and inflammation. We never add artificial or synthetic ingredients to our menstrual pain relief cream.


The marketplace is full of products that claim to be natural when, in fact, they contain synthetic and artificial ingredients. An excellent way to determine if a product that you’re thinking about buying is natural is to look at the ingredient list. Make sure that the ingredients come from nature and experience the least amount of processing possible during production.

Environmentally friendly choice

We believe in the power of plants and their therapeutic properties. Comforté® works to eliminate the physical discomforts of premenstrual syndrome and menstruation by using natural ingredients that reduce soreness and swelling while also being gentle to the earth.


There is an abundance of evidence that pharmaceutical pollution, such as that from opiates and other pain relievers, threatens the eco-system and all forms of life on our planet. You can help to clean up our earth by turning to Comforté® Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief Cream for a temporary relief of monthly feminine discomfort.