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Tina from Buffalo, NY

My 17 year-old son’s beautiful girlfriend Anna was over yesterday. She was in HORRIBLE pain due to menstrual cramps and literally on the floor curled in a ball! I gave her the Comforté® sample. Within 20 minutes of applying it she was SO MUCH BETTER! She was in a little bit of pain but able to walk and function as normal!! She is a dancer so this will be SO helpful for her!!


Lori from Los Angeles, California

Thank you SO MUCH for making such a great, effective product! I certainly wouldn’t have believed it if I didn’t experience it. I’m still amazed at how much my cramps completely subsided.


Nadine from Austin, Texas

I can’t believe how fast it works on my cramps! I bring it to school and use it during the days I have cramps. It makes gym class and sports a whole lot easier!


Amie from Ontario, Canada

My pain level was definitely a level 8 or 9. After applying the ointment, I instantly felt relief! I was so amazed. Thanks to Comforté®, my period will never slow me down again.


Christina Braucks

I received some Comforté® from Lisanne when she came home last fall to visit me. I suffer from extreme cramps and lower back pain every month due to my period. So she gave me this Comforté® cream and I was really surprised how well it works , and im now sold on it. I even used it last fall on my sore feet when I was working the Republican National convention here in Minnesota. I would work an 16 to 18 hour days and I could barely walk by the end of the day. I would put some on before bed and then again after and my feet felt a lot better. Sincerely, Christina Braucks.


Babette Gray, Owner, Pelvic Pain Solutions

As a business owner who sells pain relief products and also a chronic pelvic pain sufferer, I was thrilled to try a sample of Comforté®. I soon discovered that unlike the other topical relief brands I have tried, the scent was subtle and clean, leaving a wonderful warming sensation that helped me relax almost immediately. I am happy to be able to offer this amazing product to my customers knowing they too will be pleased with the results.


Marilyn Black

I am 68 and far beyond monthly cramps however I do have polymyalgia rheumatica where my muscles ache constantly. I usually wake up a couple of times during the night with muscle aches mainly in my arms. I have been applying your product to my arms before going to bed and have been sleeping through the night. Relief at last. Thank you.


Yvonne Molles

Wonderful, believe it or not when the pain gets bad i use my tube of pms4pms on my knee. I had ripped my knee about 2yrs ago and re-injured it about month ago. It’s doing much better just need some physical therapy. Can’t wait to see you. Peace and Love, Vonnie


Sherrie -Savannah, Ga. U.S.A.

My aunt ordered it for me because she knows I have monster cramps. She told me that she read an article for something that would give me the relief I needed. I just started today and boy are WERE the cramps bad. i used Comforté® and I am my usual self. I am unable to use Ibuprofen due to it causes me to swell, so this is the product that I will use until menopause! A grateful customer.


Owner Andari Spa

For the first time in over 20 years I made it through a period without massive amounts of pain relievers. I am so happy that I will be able to continue through life without dependance on large amounts of NSAIDS. I will be a pain free customer for life!