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Menstrual Cramp Relief In Minutes!

Welcome to Comforté®. We know that you live by your commitment to care for yourself, by treating yourself gently, and by carefully choosing environmentally friendly, natural products whenever possible.

Choosing Comforté® for menstrual cramp relief is an excellent way to stay true to your beliefs. We share your values, and we’ve lovingly created a natural menstrual pain relief cream. Our ingredients have an established history of providing relief from the pain and swelling that often accompanies your period.

Getting relief from your monthly pms & menstrual cramps and period pain doesn’t need to come from a pill. For millennia, women have looked to the natural world for remedies to relieve monthly discomfort, sore backs and tender breasts. Your period is a natural function of your body; your solution can be natural too.

Our grandmothers knew the secret to reduce the pain that comes from severe menstrual cramps. They understood the value in using and applying natural ingredients topically to the places where you feel cramping and inflammation. Indeed, women have treated the unpleasant side effects of their cycle with things that come from nature for thousands of years. Comforté® strives to spread the wisdom of those who came before us, by providing an effective and natural period pain relief product. As we also like to say, we provide PMS4PMS® — a pain management system for pre-menstrual symptoms.

Comforté® Cream all natural menstrual pain relief

Finally…a natural menstrual cramp relief cream. No more monthly period pain & discomfort!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to massage comfort onto your tummy?

Your menstrual period shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying life. And the solution shouldn’t manipulate your body chemistry or bring up issues of addiction for women in recovery. Your painful period cramps can be solved by our natural Comforté® cream.

Natural Menstrual Cramp Relief

If you’re like many women who suffer from extremely painful cycles, you’ve tried everything to find pms and period cramp relief. You’ve purchased a variety of over-the-counter period pain medicines and more than likely tried home remedies for menstrual cramps to reduce your pain without success. What’s more, you’d prefer to find a natural alternative to the ineffective drugs that you are putting into your body each and every month.

We’re delighted to offer you a pain relieving product that supports your desire to live a natural life. Our topical cream relies on the pain relief and anti-inflammatory powers of Calotropis Procera and Carapa Procera to manage your menstrual cramp pain. 

Comforté® also includes the 100% natural and soothing properties found in the essence of menthol, shea butter, sunflower seed oil, and sandalwood oil to provide you with some extra pampering each month.


Why women love Comforté®


Enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you’re using a natural product for menstrual pain relief, Comforté® offers additional benefits that have kept our clients coming back. Some of the terrific perks that you’ll experience include:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Proven Menstrual Cramps Relief
  • PMS Pain Relief
  • Convenience
  • Hormone-Free Ingredients
  • Topical Cream
  • Dermatologist Approved

When you choose Comforté® you can rest assured that you are caring for your body the way it should be and you know you will not be consuming anything that may cause you a host of undesirable symptoms while not doing anything to alleviate your “period pain.”  You’re also free from concern over how prescription and over-the-counter menstrual cramp relief drugs might impact your body and the environment.

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Many tried and true success stories...

“My pain level was definitely a level 8 or 9. After applying the ointment, I instantly felt relief! I was so amazed. Thanks to Comforté®, my period will never slow me down again.”

— Amie from Ontario, Canada

Relax and Experience Period Cramp Relief

One of the most wonderful parts of applying Comforté® to your body is that it allows you to take a calming breath as you feel your body relax. As you rub a small amount of Comforté® onto the painful and swollen areas of your body, you’ll quickly feel a calming coolness overtake your discomfort. You’ll experience a sense of peace in knowing that you’re kind to your body and the earth.

Menstrual Pain Relief

Do you struggle with premenstrual syndrome? If so, you’re not alone. Many women find that the days leading up to the start of a menstrual cycle are as uncomfortable as the period itself. Physical symptoms such as bloating and tenderness in your breasts, abdomen, and pelvis can make daily functioning a challenge as you uncomfortably await the onset of your monthly period.

Discover PMS4PMS® — Pain Management System for Pre-Menstrual Symptoms. Comforté® provides menstrual cramp relief and eases the general achiness and bloating that precedes the beginning of menstruation. Stop struggling through days and nights of discomfort and get effective PMS relief through Comforté®.